Decorus for Sage Customer GDPR Statement

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation comes into effect from the 25th May 2018. In line with this new legislation our processes for handling customer data are as follows –

What Data We Hold

  • Basic customer details such as company name, contact and address information and information on the business duties and requirements.
  • Backups of Decorus and Sage data may be obtained by the support team to carry out support. Data is not accessed in any way without first being granted permission by the customer. Backups of Decorus and Sage are taken for the sole purpose of providing support and are not shared with a 3rd party of any kind. Live backup data is stored on our system for as long as it is useful to provide support and up to a maximum of 30 days (customer backups may be included in our company onsite backups that are stored for a further 30 days after initial deletion. These are only accessible to system administrators).


Data Stored on Our Cloud Servers

Our cloud servers are subject to constant monitoring and can be accessed at any time to ensure that system uptime can be maintained for our customers. During this time customer data is not viewed or used in any way by server technicians. Customer data on the server will once again only be viewed with the permission of the customer for support purposes.

For more information on the backups that take place on the cloud servers please see Decorus Cloud Server Security and Backup Policy.

MyOnline.Properties Online Portal

Data uploaded to the MyOnline.Properties Online Portal remains in the cloud for as long as the customer is using the service. Customers who choose to cancel or stop using the service will have their data wiped from MyOnline.Properties 30 days after they stop using it. This has no affect whatsoever on the main Decorus data.