Ground Rent Software which integrates with Sage will save money and improve your cash flow!

Ground Rent is a fee that the landowner charges. This is usually a small amount, invoiced every 6 to 12 months.

The Challenge

As Ground Rent tends to be around £50 a year many landowners see this minimal fees as an inconvenience and not priority. Generating invoices can be time-consuming, as can the follow-up process, is it worth it for £50? If you own a lot of land that is a lot of invoicing and a lot of time but those fifty pounds add up and you could be sitting on a small fortune.

Would having an efficient system in place help?

The Solution

Decorus for Sage is a sophisticated property management software package which comes with the tools to simplify collecting ground rent payments and streamline the process to make it worthwhile. The integration with Sage allows users to generated invoices in bulk, chase late payers up easily and the financial information will be updated in Sage automatically thanks to the true 2-way integration to the number one accountancy package in the UK.

Don’t miss out on potential income because you don't have time. Let Decorus for Sage work for you and use your time more efficiently whilst your bank balance benefits. Sage also provides in-depth financial analysis including profit and loss reports which show you how worthwhile collecting your ground rent payments can be!

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Ground Rent Software
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