What are the benefits to using block management software which integrates seamlessly with Sage?

Managing properties, especially blocks isn’t easy, along with it comes many challenges ranging from time management to budgeting. With a block management software solution in your team you won’t need to struggle.

Whether you manage one block on your own or you have a large portfolio and a lot of staff you face similar challenges.

The role of a block management company starts with the proposal and if they win the contract then the job is never complete. 

How do you win new clients?

When you are giving a proposal the prospective clients want to be impressed by a number things:

1.       The services you provide
2.       When and how will these be carried out and completed
3.       To what standard
4.       How much will it cost
5.       Can they trust you

Every group of clients have different expectations, delivering them in your proposal will impress them but claiming to be able to do more than you actually can will bring consequences further down the line.

The clients you propose to are generally a selected group of residents living in the blocks you will be managing. They are interested in what you will do for them, how will you maintain the communal areas and at what cost. Budgets can be created efficiently and with accuracy when using a block management software package which integrates with accountancy software such as Sage like Decorus does. Not only that but the financial reporting available in Sage will no doubt impress them with graphs and charts that can forecast where their money will be spent.

Doing the work

Winning the proposal is just the beginning, deliver what you promised or your clients will be disgruntled and they will look elsewhere once your contract is up. This is why it is important that you have a system in place to accurately forecast your service charge budget. If you try to impress them by delivering on the cheap then you might find yourself unable to deliver and they won’t be happy and you might find yourself out of pocket.

To ensure that you stick to your budget Decorus comes with the tools to use your time more efficiently and your money wisely. The supplier centre is the perfect little black book when you need to find your tried and trusted tradesmen whilst the office diary syncs with MS Office and links to the CRM to keep everybody organised and updated to ensure that work is carried out and completed like you claimed you would do in your proposal.

Keeping Clients Happy

Deliver what you promised, to the standard you agreed, to budget and your clients will be happy. Happy clients will continue to do business with you and recommend your services to others. The more contracts you get the more you can grow.

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