Work more efficiently with Estate Management Software for Sage.

Property management doesn’t come easy, portfolios can bring up unique challenges. Choosing a software solution to handle the complexities that estates can include is important if you want to provide a service your clients expect without adding to your wage bill.


Estate Management

Estates come in all shapes and sizes with different purposes.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • A bit of both
  • On one site
  • Across several sites
  • One owner (landlord)
  • Several owners
  • Managed by one company
  • Managed by several companies

The variety of scenarios means that an adaptable approach is essential to manage estates which tend to be more bespoke than your typical portfolio.

When you choose to manage an estate you take on responsibilities which are often unique to the estate, this requires a flexible approach however, the end results are generally the same.

Ensuring that the estate is being used to its full potential. This can include minimising vacancy rates, maintaining the properties cost-effectively, calculating and creating service charge budgets. In-house management agents often work differently to out-sourcing management services as they have a deeper understanding of the estate and all the parties involved.


Software for Estate Management

Property management software offers features that benefit different types of management. As estates can vary depending on their functions (housing, retail, offices, agricultural) different tools are included for different roles such as managing:

  • Blocks
  • Buildings/properties/rooms
  • Communal/shared areas
  • Landlords/freeholders
  • Leaseholders/Tenants
  • Maintenance jobs
  • Service Charge budgets
  • Assets & Facilities
  • Health & safety
  • Collection of Ground Rent

Using software should help you provide quick and accurate results when your to-do is streamlined, allowing you to work more economically. Saving time and money with a new system will please your clients and word of mouth is one of the best ways to grow your business.


Benefits of managing your estate with Decorus for Sage

  • Optimise your time with a centralised system for the whole portfolio
  • Improve organisation when working in 1 solution
  • Increase productivity by minimising your data entry
  • Build customer relations with the CRM
  • Work more cost-effectively with Sage, the UK’s number 1 accountancy software
  • Provide a better service when you streamline workload
  • Keep value in your properties and assets by maintaining them

Decorus for Sage is estate management software with a difference as it provides the tools to manage the estate and financials, helping users to grow their business cost-effectively.  The software is a high-powered desktop solution which can be hosted in the cloud for convenience. This allows users to work when they want, where they want, bringing flexibility to your working day.


Book a demonstration to see how estate management software can work, based on your requirements. 
Estate management software
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