Streamline your workload with a seamless integration of accounting software for property management in one solution.

When it comes to managing any part of a business, you want the best tools to deliver the most accurate and sophisticated results. For decades, Sage have proved to be top of the league accounting software providers in the UK.


What is Sage?

Sage are one of the largest business solution developers in the world. They have been around since the early days of computing, this has allowed them to become part of the elite, setting industry standards.

When you are the market leaders you become an authoritative presence and the ‘Sage way’ has become the go-to for over 90% of accountants. Unlike many first-generation software systems, Sage have kept up with fast-paced changes in technology which is apparent in their latest release, Sage 50c.

Where other sectors adapted to the online world early on, fin-tech has had some catching up to do. Nobody likes changes but, unfortunately there’s no way of getting around it if you want to progress and improve. Sage 50 has many old-school users, so even whispering the word ‘cloud’ will make them jump, therefore Sage have had to be subtle when embracing it.

Over the past few years Sage 50 has seen slight additions to moving online and into the ‘cloud’, most recently came the biggest change to date and it was much more significant that just adding the ‘c’ to its name.

With the features already implemented into the product that enhance their desktop solution with online functions Sage 50c offer more. More accessibility, more ways to share data and more opportunities to manage additional aspects of your business in one solution.

As accounting is highly regulated industry Sage cannot afford to develop software that doesn’t deliver, its loyal users give it the stamp of approval for generations past and present. Why would anybody go elsewhere?


Where and how can I buy Sage?

Traditionally Sage 50 was an out-of-the-box system, available to buy outright with optionally monthly support costs. Like many other software solutions Sage have stopped selling the product for an upfront fee and it is only available on a monthly subscription from their website.

If you prefer to own your software (rather than rent) then some resellers such as SJ software still have copies available.


How much does it cost?

Thanks to advancements in technology, software is much more affordable when its available on a monthly rental plan.

When Sage 50c is available from £60 a month on the Sage website it makes the product much more attractive than purchasing outright at £389 from SJ Software for those on a budget. There’s no excuse not to work with the best system.


Why do I need accounting software that integrates with my property management solution?

Whether you’re a landlord, letting agent or specialise in property management you will find that working with a software solution will help you get the most out of your portfolio but it will require a lot of data entry required. This can be time consuming and you won’t want to waste any more resources entering financial data again in your accounts package.

Having your property management software integrate seamlessly with your accounts not only saves on data entry, it also provides real-time financial data, allowing users to see how well their properties and financials are being managed, helping to plan for a better future.


Are you looking for a smarter and cost-effective way to improve the way you manage your properties and financials? Call 0114 2307305 or complete our contact form to see the benefits of Decorus and its seamless integration with Sage has to offer.


Sage 50c accounting software for property management
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