Block managers face many day-to-day challenges, getting these right is essential to be successful in property management. Having a transparent and clear line of communication is vital to ensure that you and your clients share the same expectations and results.



It might sound obvious but it is the simple things that really make the difference, especially when you have to please different parties including landlords, leaseholders and suppliers.



As a block manager you are employed to look after the building (communal and surrounding areas) by the landlord. They expect you to maintain the property so your leaseholders are happy with the building and it remains a valuable asset for the future as an investment.

It is important that landlords are kept up to date with any proposed work on the building and the progress of the jobs.



Leaseholders live in the properties so it is them who you need to communicate with when it comes to updates on maintenance for the building as it not only affects them but it is also their money so they will want to know where the service charge is being spent.



When it comes to maintaining the properties it is the suppliers who you need to be in contact with. The better your relationship, the more likely that they will get the job done to a higher standard and for a better price.




Who are your proactive leaseholders?

Find out what your leaseholders really want to hear from you with a quick survey, either by post or online. By building up relationships with those who are proactive you won’t be wasting time or efforts on the leaseholders who are happy to let you get on without any input.


Group meetings

When you have figured out the residents who actively want to understand your plans you are then able to arrange group meetings, this will help build relationships even better. It can also be a good opportunity to introduce landlords, leaseholders and suppliers with one-another to discuss future plans, proposed work or concerns.



The internet has made it easier to communicate. With so many options including e-mail, social media, websites and apps there is no reason why you shouldn’t be updating clients regularly. It is just as quick to contact one leaseholder as it is all leaseholders so you won’t be wasting any additional time or resources.



Not all your landlords and leaseholders will be online or use at the main method for communication. Brochures and leaflets are often the best way to get your message across. It can be costly and time-consuming but if it works for your recipients then it will be worth the effort.


What you need to say

Unfortunately your clients won’t be as enthusiastic as you are when you have a new project and won an award unless it directly affects them. By understanding what is important to them you can tailor your messages better.


Informing your clients

Building updates

It isn’t just the maintenance companies who you need to talk to when planning work on the properties. The landlord and leaseholders will want to be informed as they are directly affected.



The maintenance work is covered by the service charge, paid for by the leaseholders who want a full audit trail where their money is being spent. It is essential that it's clear and transparent so that they have trust in you and don’t file for Right To Manage.



Building relationships can be time-consuming but when you are having to please different parties it is important that you deliver results that are both expected and value for money. By putting in the effort it is much easier to provide the service and gain constructive feedback.

Decorus for Sage is block management software with features and functions to streamline your workload so that you have less administrative jobs to do, allowing you to build relationships with your clients, improve retention and business growth.


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