Are you looking for property management software that offers a solution to your problems?

Property management isn’t a one-fits-all duty which means that a one-fits-all software solution won’t be viable ether!

Decorus for Sage is a specialised system created to be flexible and adaptable for the way you work. Although there are 3 editions, landlords, letting agents and property management these are capable of not only handling your problems but a solution to minimise potential issues arising.

At its core Decorus offers a CRM developed for the management of portfolios which includes everything from databases to diaries. When it comes to managing the financials, Decorus has that covered too as it integrates seamlessly with Sage, feeding financials into a format recognised by over 90% of accountants without any additional work required.


Sage 50 2017

Each year Sage updates its accounting package with new features. The latest release is their most user-friendly to date which includes the ability to:

Software that caters for your services

Decorus comes with the tools to manage your portfolio but if you offer additional services such as asset management or emergency housing then there are additional modules available to do this too.
Decorus now has the capabilities to manage more than just houses, flats or offices as the property management edition includes space and estate management. With more levels available users can now monitor and maintain much much more in one account, saving time, money and resources.

The software also links with platforms including GoCardless, Paperless and RMail which included time-saving, automated functions to increase efficiency and streamline the workload.

This update to the software is also compatible with the latest version of Sage 50.


The Future

Decorus for Sage is an evolving solution which will continue to grow with additional features being added to offer more for the user.


Visionbase Software have been developing property management software for over two decades. This experience has taught us that every business has its own way of work and this has led to the adaptability of Decorus for Sage.


If you are looking for a solution that can cater for your needs then book an online demonstration with the only specialist property management software to integrate with Sage to see how it can help you. 
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