What is an online portal and how can they help?

Do you ever think you’d be more productive if you had access to your data away from your desk? 

With time and resources at a premium, it is essential that every opportunity is seized. Whether you commute, work from home or out on site you will more than likely find times where you could work more efficiently if you could log in 365/24/7. 

Technology moves fast and more tools are becoming readily available to improve the services provided in an increasingly demanding culture. With constant connection to the internet on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you have the freedom to work where you want, when you want. This doesn’t just allow you to take full advantage of every opportunity, it also ensures you can also deliver a better service to your customers. 

The power of customer service

News travels fast and people talk. If you give a poor service, it won’t be long before you get a bad reputation; however, word-of-mouth is an extremely powerful asset. If you provide your current customers with a great service then you’ll have more business coming your way the need to spend the time and money you usually would.

This is where MyOnline.Properties comes in.

What is MyOnline.Properties?

MyOnline.Properties, your online portal, powered by Decorus for Sage.

MyOnline.Properties is the latest and most advanced feature to enhance Decorus for Sage.

Accessible 365/24/7 on internet-connected devices, users have the ability to work on the go, accessing their diaries, notes & e-mails anytime, anywhere.

Your clients will have access to MyOnline.Properties too. This helps to save on in-house resources as landlordstenants and contractors will be able to personally view information that they currently have to obtain through a member of your staff. This includes property records, statements and maintenance jobs (from submitting work orders to tracking the progress).

Work efficiently when you work with MyOnline.Properties

Decorus for Sage is the only property management software to seamlessly integrate with Sage, giving users a comprehensive property management solution and the leading accounts package. With these two combined, users have the best tools at their disposal to improve the way their manage their properties, tenants and business. 

Call 0114 2307305 to find out more about MyOnline.Properties and how Decorus can help you today.
Online Property Portal
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