When a friend asks what you do, can you tell them within a sentence or does it take an hour as you go through your roles? Do you find yourself stretched? Streamline your workload with our property management software so that you can give the best possible service for your clients.


What are property managers in 2016?

The industry is changing. There are more opportunities for income meaning that straight-forward landlord services are no longer the main focus. Property management is more than just simply collecting rent from tenants. The job role is far more extensive and it goes beyond giving your tenants a place to stay.

Whether your portfolio consists of residential homes, accommodation for students, commercial units, retail parks, blocks of flats or offices the end goal is the same, to provide a service for your clients.

How you achieve that can vary depending on the client and the type of properties in your portfolio but expectations have changed along with the complexities of buildings. This means that specialist skilled-sets are being replaced as a more general approach is more appropriate. Admin or sales reps are still needed but there are other areas that are required that won’t be big enough for one person to specialise in but is still important.

Just one person can cover these roles over time:

  • Tenant/lease negotiator
  • Health & Safety expert
  • Market analyses
  • Account manager
  • Experts in maintenance
  • Job planning
  • Marketing executive
  • Insurer
  • Asset management
  • Credit control
  • Risk assessor
  • Roof expert
  • Debt collector

What is your best skill?

When the day-to-day job role can be so varied the only way to survive in property management is to be somebody capable of multi-tasking who can easily adapt varying challenges.


How do you manage your time?

The most important role for property managers is to please those who pay for you. By ensuring that you deliver a value-for-money service, maintaining the properties keeps the tenants happy, this will also please the property owners as their assets will remain valuable.

If you can achieve this then you will have the ability to then take on the other roles that are required to complete the job fully.


How can this be made easier?

It can be exhausting work having to do several roles in a day. A property management software system can help organise your day-to-day workload, streamline the data entry required and condense some of those jobs that are time-consuming.

By organising your time better you can work more efficiently, provide a better service for your customers and still have time to tell your friends how many job roles you actually have.


Book an online demonstration of Decorus property management software for Sage to see how it can help you use your time more effectively. 
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