Give your marketing efforts a boost, upload with just ‘one click’ when using property portfolio software with a portal feed.

With over 90% of property searchers beginning online it is important that your vacancies are listed otherwise you will be losing out to your competitors almost every time. Thanks to the ‘portal’ this isn’t difficult, in fact it is probably the easiest way to market your properties as well as being highly targeted and cost-effective, the only real downside is that it can be time-consuming.

There are three major players to choose from when deciding on the portals where you want to house your portfolio.

1.       Rightmove – the market leader, has the most amount of listings, therefore the most amount of traffic too. It is seen as the Google of the industry as it wasn’t the first on the scene but it came along, bettered what was available and continues to dominate.

2.       Zoopla – owned by the Daily Mail Group, it is a highly visible brand thanks to its purple logo advertised everywhere but it has never managed to topple Rightmove yet it remains powerful.

3.       OnTheMarket – launched this year by Agents Mutual to provide an alternative to Rightmove and Zoopla it has received positive and negative reactions from the media and industry but traffic figures suggest that the public are warming to it whilst their ‘one other portal’ rule has been implemented to weaken the competition. Only time will tell who will come out winners.

Decorus for Sage is a sophisticated property management software solution with an advanced CRM which brings many benefits with it. Using the data already inputted into the database, when a property becomes vacant the information can be uploaded to your portal accounts with just one click and in front of people searching for your service.

The portals aren’t just a great marketing tool, they are cost effective too. Where advertising in your local paper, on television or radio might attract higher volume, the majority of those aren’t interested in what you are advertising. This is wasting your money where as the property portals are for people looking for properties and the search facilities make you easier to find. If you aren’t listed then you won’t be found.

The Benefits

·         Save time with data entry

·         High ROI

·         Upload to Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket, StuRents and Gumtree with one click

·         Fill vacancies more quickly, start collecting rent sooner

·         The easiest way to advertise online

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Upload to Property Portals with just one click
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