The internet has opened up so many new opportunities when it comes to marketing your property portfolio.

The evolution has happened at a frightening speed, it can be difficult to calculate what is best for your business.

For many years the high-street branch and local newspapers were the only places to advertise properties and that is where your customers began their house hunting. Now, in our technology-driven life the options are far more extensive and compliment the old and established methods, rather than replacing them.

Online you have your own website, portal accounts (Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket) and a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) which have proven to increase exposure for brands and boost sales. Managing all of these outlets isn’t so easy, especially when your to-do list is already long enough. There is one key place that many agents and landlords overlook despite the huge benefits and that is Gumtree.

Gumtree is a free listings site for pretty much everything from cars and jobs to property and concert tickets. With one million new listings posted each week the site attracts over eight million visitors a month making it one of the most popular websites in the UK. Although those visitors aren’t exclusively going to the website specifically to find a new home, the only cost for getting your properties listed on Gumtree is your time, it seems criminal not to be there.

One of the main problems is the lack of hours available in your day but Decorus for Sage can help with that. Firstly, its task-condensing features are there to reduce your workload, freeing up more time but it also has a link to upload straight to Gumtree, minimising the amount of data entry required as it uses the information already populated in the property database.

When a property becomes available all it takes is a click and all of the details will be uploaded to Gumtree with minimum effort. No messing about, wasting time or double entry required yet your properties will be in-front of new eyes without any cost. The greater the exposure, the greater the opportunity for new tenants improving the ROI of your properties. 

Get your properties to a new audience effortlessly with Decorus for Sage. To find out more about the benefits that come with the software please complete our booking form or call 0114 2307305 to book a demonstration. 

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