Managing your portfolio with residential lettings software brings benefits to your cashflow, colleagues, and clients.

Are you getting the most from your residential properties? Looking for a system that provides a ROI, that is user-friendly, and capable of dealing with requirements? Decorus is here for you.


Integrates with Sage

Managing properties and tenants is always going to require accounting, so you might as well use the UK’s leading accounts package Sage 50c. Unlike other systems, the integration between Decorus and Sage is seamless; data between the two solutions feeds between one-another in real time, eliminating any additional double entry required.

The benefits don’t end there. Decorus was built with Sage in-mind, giving users access to live financial data on your portfolio, helping to manage cashflow efficiently, create budgets based on actual costs and deal with debtors before they escalate.

With the introduction of ‘Making Tax Digital’, where financial information needs to be sent to HMRC quarterly, the workload has increased - and if you fall behind, you can face fines. Luckily, Sage does a lot of this for you. Sage understands their customers and provides support with free products that make ‘Making Tax Digital’ as easy as possible.


Communicate in bulk

We’d all like to spend more time with our clients; listen to any frustrations they might have or appreciate the praise that they are willing to give. Unfortunately, even when you are saving time with Decorus, you’ll still find yourself struggling to fit in a cuppa with tenants, landlords and contractors, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch.

Our communication tools offer mail merge tools that produce personalised letters, texts and e-mails without the additional workload, and you never know, they might still pass on their compliments.


Market your vacancies

Unoccupied properties are draining your income stream. Minimise the likelihood of any of your properties being vacant for any length of time with our marketing tools. Our brochure templates give you the ability to impress visitors to your branch with material that is easy to make.

Unfortunately, most people won’t find you on the high-street anymore, they will head online. But don’t worry, the Decorus portal feed will put your vacant properties on your portal account in just 1-click.


Maintain your properties

Looking after your properties is essential for your income now, and the future. Tenants won’t put up with poorly maintained properties and, if over time, your properties deteriorate then your minimal issues can become costly.

With functions included to maintain your properties to budget, schedule and with little disruption, your properties remain intact for the years ahead.


Work with a system that works with you

Everybody works differently. There isn’t a right way or wrong way, it’s your way and you need software adaptable to your requirements. Decorus offers a unique user-experience as it includes configurable features that give the results that you want to see.

You also have the tools to configure user preferences and permission rights which can be, who sees what or who has the authority to action certain processes, giving the main administrator full control of the software.



Book an online demonstration.

Decorus is adaptable to you and your requirements. Purchase outright or subscribe on a monthly-basis, host on your desktop or on our servers. Our residential lettings software is built for your convenience. Complete our contact form or call 0114 2307305 to see how Decorus for Sage can work for you.
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