Manage time more efficiently with rental property manager software to succeed.

If time is money, how much is your day worth?

Do you find yourself spending hours sifting through unnecessary paperwork or admin duties?

Is your time managed with a structure?

It isn’t easy to fit a heavy workload into an eight hour day which also requires sufficient breaks to re-energise (being overworked isn’t going to help in the long run), refuel at lunch (concentrating on an empty stomach is almost impossible) and avoiding having homework (you have been working all day, your evenings are your ‘me’ time). However busy you are, however long your to-do list is, there are ways to tweak how you approach your day and benefit.

1.       Plan Your Week – Be organised, know what you are doing and when so that you can be prepared

2.       Arrange meetings and viewings that are located close to each other – There is nothing more counter-productive than spending half your day travelling back-and-forth

3.       Prioritise your time – Do you really need to go out of office for a meeting when a quick phone call will do?

4.       Work as a team, play to individual strengths and delegate tasks – If you aren’t very good at something that your colleague excels at, let them do it, leaving you to deliver what you are best at

5.       Condense tasks where possible – Sometimes there are opportunities to turn two tasks into one, whether that is with meetings or marketing, if it is possible then another part of your week will be made available

The more time you save the more opportunities you have to work with your clients and increase revenue. It all adds up!

Find Out More

Book an online demonstration of our rental property manager software and we can show you how Decorus can work around your specific requirements, streamline your workload and reduce data entry.

Decorus for Sage is a desktop-based solution however it can be hosted in the cloud via a third party. Working in the cloud offers flexibility as the software can be accessed in the web browser allowing users to work on the go, out of office hours on portable devices.

It is the only property management software to integrate seamlessly with Sage, the accountancy package recognised by over 90% of accountant. This unique 2-way link feeds data to and from both solutions in real-time, minimising data entry and provides in-depth financial analysis instantly.

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