Decorus is the only commercial property management software for Sage.


Decorus for Sage is a sophisticated property management software package with a difference. Catering for landlords, agents and block managers dealing with residential property, commercial lettings and student accommodation with its advanced features and time-saving functions. This solution is unlike any other as it integrates seamlessly with Sage, the number one accountancy package in the UK.


Managing properties bring different problems to different scenarios. Having a residential portfolio is very different to having commercial properties, then there is the types of commercial properties to consider, retail shops, storage units, office blocks all require their own solutions.


Our software is capable and flexible to handle various management types and the troubles they can bring thanks to its adaptability.

There are two sides to being a landlord, agent or block manger, both need to be worked on equally if you want to be successful and they are managing your properties and managing your financials. Decorus’ integration with Sage takes care of your accounts whilst the databases, diary and marketing tools improve organisation, productivity and time-management, bring efficiency to your team which will help to deliver better results in the service you provide.

Provide a better service, increase your revenue.

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Decorus for Sage is a desktop-based solution however, it can be hosted in the cloud via a third-party company for an additional fee.
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