Decorus is the Only Block Management Software for Sage 50!

Block management is one of the most complex areas in property management as it requires accurate forecasting for service charge budgets and split costings that need to be calculated efficiently based around different scenarios.

The Challenge

As more and more flats are being built to feed the overwhelming demand for homes in the UK more and more companies are needed to manage these but it isn’t as simple as invoicing rent to tenants on a monthly basis.

There is more than just homes in blocks of flats. You’ve got hallways, stairs, lifts, gardens and other communal areas, all of these need to be maintained by a service charge and it is where the block management company comes in. It is there job to calculate a budget for the leaseholders which is generally set for the year and divided equally by the residents, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. A leaseholder with a one bed flat shouldn’t pay the same as those in the penthouse suite with several rooms.

Then there is the duty to oversee that when work is required it is completed in sufficient time, to a high-standard whilst remaining in budget. This is why it is essential to accurately calculate the service charge budget from the beginning, if it is too high the leaseholders might go with another company but too low and there will be no funds left to complete work. It is impossible to predict if any ‘act of God’ incidents occur but with experience and help you can be prepared.

The Solution

Not only does Decorus come with the tools to manage work orders, jobs and projects as well as an advanced CRM catering for the needs of property management it has a unique link to the number one accountancy solutions in the UK.

Sage have been developing software packages for accountants since 1981 and it is that heritage that has made it the go-to solution for over 90% of accountants. Decorus integrates seamlessly with Sage 50, no other block management solutions offers this feature.

Using Decorus and Sage together makes managing blocks more efficient and cost-effective as they complement each other.  The tools provided make it easier to accurately calculate budgets, generate invoices in bulk and offers in-depth analysis and reports to wow new and existing clients, building trust with proof that you are giving them the service expect.

The Benefits
  • Have more time available to provide a better service
  • Win new clients with accurate service charge budgets
  • Use your money efficiently
  • Save on accountancy fees as financials in a format recognised by over 90% of accountants
  • Easily monitor the quality of work
  • Enjoy longer working relationships with your clients by communicating better
  • No double entry required
  • Reduce your workload
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Block Management Software for Sage 50
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