When it comes to marketing your vacant properties there has never been so many options but not advertising on the online portals is a huge mistake.

When it comes to taking advantage of technology this is a must, the internet has never given a bigger gift for property managers. Your high-street branch might be bustling, maybe you have a shop window located in a thriving hot spot but you will never reach the same amount of potentials that you would online. Your branch might be open 9 till 5, six days a week but the internet never closes. Over 90% of property searches begin online, the majority are completed in-branch but if you aren’t online to get their attention you aren’t going to be the ones closing the deal.

The internet might seem like a daunting place if you are unfamiliar with it but actually, it isn’t all that bad, and use it wisely and the benefits could transform your business. It is no longer ok to just have a website but if you have mastered the art of showing off your portfolio on your own site then the next bit is going to be a breeze, the property portal.

Think of the portal like a search engine for homes. Rightmove is the Google, it gets most of the searches and has the biggest directory, Zoopla like Yahoo, at times it came close to toppling Rightmove but the recent launch of On The Market, the Bing of the portals came along and upset the pairs dominance.

These are the places where the majority of property searches begin. Having your portfolio there is essential if you want to be keeping up with your competitors. Listing on portals comes with many benefits.

·         Firstly, it is cost-effective. When you pay for advertising in a newspaper you are paying for a lot of uninterested eyes whereas the portals are specifically for properties.

·         Any online exposure helps businesses grow. You want to be easily searchable, having an account on one of the three major portals will give your brand a boost. The more presence you have the better Google will reward you. Actively using your website, portal account/s and social media platforms will give you a greater chance of winning clients online.

Ok, it isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence. Listing can be time-consuming. You have a million and one things to do, how are you going to find time for this as well?

Luckily, for those using Decorus for Sage there is no need to spend hours inputting property data on your portal of choice. Using the information already stored in the software, Decorus links to your account and uploads it, no effort required. All it takes is the click of a button and your vacancies will be in-front of property hunting eyes.

Just another reason to make Decorus for Sage your property management software. Complete our contact form or call 0114 2307305 for more information. 

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