The nature of our daily life has changed by technology, for convenience. Providing a service to people who work 9-5 means that you need to be adaptable to their lifestyle. If you can offer flexibility then you’ll win more clients than your competitors. Letting agent software in the cloud gives you the gift of time.

The property industry might be moving online but your high-street branch is still a major part for your business. Unfortunately, for you to be available for  your potential clients but also your current clients you would be open 365/24/7, not only is that unrealistic but also inefficient.

There is a compromise. Hosting your software in the cloud (that cloud being a remote server). This means that you don’t need to sit and sleep at your desk as you will have access to your data 365/24/7, via an internet enabled device. This doesn’t mean that you should increase the amount of hours you work or work through the night, it just allows you to be more adaptable to your clients and offer more services without the cost.

That’s not the only benefit to have your letting agent software hosted in the cloud, rather than your desktop. Software can be temperamental when run on your desktop computers. If you want to improve the speed, security or reliability then it can be a costly exercise to upgrade your hardware, you won’t have that expense when choosing the cloud.

The myths and reputation regarding cloud security are now becoming a distant memory as cloud servers are now a much safer environment to host your important data in. If your data gets corrupt on your desktop then it can be a challenge to retrieve, corruption in the cloud is highly unlikely and if it does happen then the data will be backed up.

The accessibility of data isn’t the only efficiency booster for cloud-hosted software. Do you ever have those moments when your computer is painfully slow? You can make a cup of tea in the time that it takes to do one simple thing. As long as your internet speed is fine you will no longer have these issues!

Looking for a robust, reliable and secure system for your important data? Decorus for Sage is a letting agents software solution with a difference. Built on a solid framework and an accounting engine powered by Sage, giving letting agents the full solution. The software comes with all the features expected in a desktop system plus the benefits of the cloud when hosted in one of our servers.

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Letting Agent Software in the Cloud
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