How well do you know your tenants? Your clients are more than just customers, they live in your properties!
Improve the communication you have with your tenants without adding to your to-do list. Make light work of relationship building with Decorus and keep on top of tenancies effortlessly.

The Tenancy Centre

However extensive your portfolio, the tenancy centre is the place to keep together every piece of the jigsaw as the tenancy centre link tenants to their properties and more. It is a database developed specifically to log and locate details for your portfolio.

Tenancies can last years’, remembering who lives where can be challenging but keeping accounts up to date is easy with Decorus which will help boost revenue as time is saved in the process and we all know this can be used more productively.

Log complete contact details, bank account information and contracts etc. for each tenant. Manage financial arrangements through Sage, such as processing invoices, statements and receipts with or without VAT and raise rents efficiently.

Having all of this information together makes your life so much simpler, no longer will you need to be trawling through the archived files in cupboards to find a contract from years back, or hunt out a phone number from another pile of historic notes.

Keep In Contact

Using the contact details logged within the tenancy makes getting in touch easier as automated settings make e-mail and SMS messaging hands free whilst phone calls, catch-ups and letters can be prompted.

Having regular communications with your tenants will strengthen your relationship, they are more likely to inform you of issues before they get out of hand and you are able to deliver a more personal service if you understand their wants and needs better. Tenants who are happy with the service they receive are more likely to stay put.

Sometimes a quick phone call now and then is all it takes.

To book a demonstration on how Decorus for Sage can benefit your property management business please contact us on 0114 2307305 or complete our contact form.
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