How do you work? At your desk, on the move or a bit of both? Technology is advancing, bringing flexibility to the work place but is it helping or just a distraction? Is it really feasible to work on a tablet?
The popularity of the desktop computer has been in decline for years whilst laptop sales are expected to be overtaken by the tablet which are becoming an office accessory as their capabilities grow.

The normal working routine of Monday to Friday 9 to 5, is changing to something more flexible. Our lifestyles are busy and we want everything on demand. Although this is largely targeted to our out of office life we get used to it and expect it in work too.

Work is no longer tied to a desk, nor does it begin at 9, finish at 5 with a trip to the sandwich shop breaking the day up at 12. Thanks to the internet the possibilities of working from home, whilst travelling or on-site are endless. Our smartphones are now more advanced than that cumbersome tower sat on top of the desk and with laptops and tablets come freedom.

The ‘cloud’ is more than a sign in the sky that it is going to rain, it also allows us to take our work with us, this also includes Décorus which can be hosted on the ‘cloud’ (a remote server) allowing you to log-in whenever and where-ever you can connect to the internet. You don’t even need to carry your computer with you, it can be accessed through the web browser on your phone or tablet.

It was only a few years ago when we had to patiently sit and wait with a dial-up connection, now we catch watch live tv, talk to friends on the other side of the world via video, or order pizza on our phone without having to talk to anybody and receive updates on it being made. The internet dominates our lives , it can be accessed almost anywhere now, from the coffee shop to the pub, parks and high-streets, it is even available on your travels, whether that is by bus, plane or train.

Take a break from the office without missing out on work, manage your portfolio on your commute or impress your clients whilst on site with Decorus’ in-depth reports with access to the software on the cloud!

Decorus is the only property management software package with a true 2-way integration to Sage. Complete our online contact form or call 0114 2307305 to book a demonstration and discover how it can boost efficiency within your property management business.
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