As the General Election campaigns role on manifestos are grabbing more headlines than they are winning votes, making the whole thing look a little bit silly.

The social media generation have found a new unlikely muse in Ed Miliband. Teenage girls have ditched their One Direction fandom since Zayn Malik left the band and shaved his hair off, falling for the awkward looking Labour leader instead. Is this a joke that has got out of hand?

Election campaigns and broken promises come hand-in-hand and the housing sector is contagious for them. Is the UK really in a housing crisis? The population is growing rapidly but the number of affordable houses being built is not.

The annual Property Awards took place in London last night, a gathering of wealth and diamonds was in attendance but the ceremony was over shadowed by a 200 strong group of protestors outside, campaigning against the gentrification of the capital. In recent years London has seen a surge in foreign investors looking for big profits and a life of luxury whilst out-pricing the current residents.

Inside of the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane the lavish award ceremony congratulated some of the main players behind London’s new face. Although blocks are being built at a frantic rate these won’t serve many of those needing a home and the capital is at a historic low when it comes to delivering affordable homes.

With the recession came poverty, the cost of living rose faster than wages and although the economy is in recovery, many people are still struggling. There has been a rise in homelessness and the tycoons from Russia, China and the Middle East cashing in on London’s skyline aren’t helping those on low wages suffering.

Residents who have grown up in boroughs such as Elephant & Castle have recently seen the area evolve, this has come at a cost. The blocks of flats that once housed everyday folk have been demolished and these have now been replaced with luxury apartments for millionaires, forcing the former homeowners to the outskirts of the city or worse on to the streets. The spotlight might be on London but the trend is nationwide.

We might be out of the recession, employment is on the rise but for those who are struggling with finances social and emergency housing is their only option. Managing these short stay places isn’t so simple.

When you offer a service to help vulnerable people the last thing that you want to be spending your time on is completing paperwork, filing documents and ticking boxes.

The additional Emergency Housing module for Decorus will generate invoices for the council effortlessly, automatically calculate nightly rates and give the option to include VAT, reducing the amount of manual input required.

For more information on Decorus for Sage and the additional modules available please complete our contact form or speak to a member of staff on 0114 2307305. 

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