Property software for Sage takes the headache out of accounting.

It doesn’t feel like two minutes since we were ringing in the new year with auld lang syne, now we are approaching the New Financial Year, a fresh start for those who choose to prepare.

6th April is the time to put those New Financial Year resolutions in to place. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys accounting and your book keeper will be tearing their hair out when they trying to decipher your receipts and scribbles like the Da Vinci Code.

Change for the better

There are two key elements to a stress-free year end, organisation and software that works for you. If you are in the 60% of UK businesses who don’t use an accounting solution then you might want to consider implementing one to give yourself a competitive advantage. Start now and you will be rewarded in the years to come.

The ‘Year-End’ is a report that highlights how financially successful your business has been run for a 12-month period. This is a legal requirement for the HMRC but it is also a good indicator to forecasting for future budgets.

What comes first?

Choosing an accounting solution that works for you


Having a system in place will save time which can be reused to plan & prepare for a brighter future.

There are many solutions available, investing in the one that is suitable for your business is detrimental.

Accounting software has seen an increase in the number of products available, ranging from freebies that offer little substance to ones that cost £1000’s. Despite the rise in start-ups taking advantage of new technology, one of the pioneers Sage, remain the market leader in the UK.

Since launching in the 80’s their flagship package, Sage 50 has evolved with technology and the recent launch of Sage 50c sees the product fully embrace the ‘cloud’. Over the years they have gradually dipped their toes into ‘cloud’ technology, providing a convenient way of working with the Sage Drive and small additional features but this has been their biggest progression to date.

With Sage on your team you’ll have a solution that helps you manage your accounts throughout the year so you won’t find yourself stressing as you play catch-up, sorting out 12 months worth’s of receipts, invoices & statements.

How to organise yourself to avoid the year end headaches:

  • Create a 12 month countdown with a checklist
  • Update your accounts throughout the year
  • Plan your last minute invoices so that your aren’t frantically chasing late payers, it is essential that all your figures add up
Choosing property management software that works for you.

Whether your portfolio is small, large, residential, commercial, specialised in one sector or a mixture there will be a solution that suits you.

There’s more to property management than managing properties. Like any business, financials need to be managed too and if you want to simplify accounting without simplifying results then you need to choose a package equipped with an accounting engine. Some have in-built solutions that vary in quality whilst others integrate with existing accounting software.

Benefits of Preparation

Take advantage of this time of year, give your business a financial spring clean and you’ll benefit for beyond the next 12 months. Having your expenditures on hand makes it easier to plan and budget for the coming period.

What you’ll have in the end?

  • Your accounts up to date
  • Information for statutory submissions
  • Ability to prepare for the next period
  • Review of your year
  • Opportunity to tidy up your accounts

As well as being a legal necessity, the information recorded and logged can be archived for future reference.

Managing your portfolio and financials has never been easier thanks to Decorus for Sage. Property management software that enhances Sage 50c, its 2-way integration provides real-time financial information for your portfolio without any additional work required. You've got to do your accountants anyway so you might as well do it with the best system available. 

It’s the obvious solution.  

Want to see for yourself? Book an online demonstration here.


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