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Following the release of A-level results last week, the idea of university is becoming a reality for many as their places are confirmed. Next month thousands of teenagers will leave home, move to a new city and three years in further education. With the rise of tuition fees, cuts to grants and bursaries, is university becoming a privilege rather than an opportunity for all? Unipol have found that rental prices have risen by more than 30% since 2010 is some areas as demand has grown, but has the quality of the service?

According to a report by Accommodation for Students the top universities don’t just charge higher fees, the likes of Oxford and Cambridge have higher rents too. Although the report focuses on student accommodation the trend does look familiar as other high-priced accommodation include universities in London, Surrey and Exeter. Is this really based on the quality of the university or does this continue the rental trend where the cost of living in London and the South is generally more than other areas in the UK.

University students in London expect to pay £140 a week however, outside of the university-owned halls of residents there isn’t any dedicated student accommodation provided by private landlords unlike other cities whilst Cambridge students, who pay the high fees have £124 in rent a week too. The cheaper side of the market is up in the northern towns such as Walsall and Stockton where rent can average out at less than £50 a week.

Is this a north-south divide like the rest of the lettings market or do prices represent the statue of the university and the value of a degree?

Being a student is far from a life a luxury and it comes with a huge debt. Learning to manage finances is often one of the most valuable skills a student can lean from their three years studying. Many landlords help their students residents by offering bill inclusive deals.

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