You get what you pay for when purchasing residential lettings software for Sage. Invest wisely.
Are you looking for a cheap quick fix solution or something that will benefit you for many years? Software is like anything, if you want a car/oven/computer that will tick all of your boxes and remain a good investment, going for the cheapest isn’t necessarily good value, in fact, it will probably turn out to be counter-productive purchase.

Decorus is a sophisticated residential lettings software solution that is not only unique with its integration with Sage, it is adaptable for different working methods. With three editions available Decorus is suited for specialised landlords, letting agents and block management groups.

The property management software market is becoming crowded as an influx of cloud based solutions have joined in. These are usually on a monthly subscription and vary from cheap, cheerful and very basic to complex packages which can be considerable pricey over a significant amount of years.

Decorus for Sage isn’t the most expensive on the market, nor is it the cheapest and often it is in the middle ground where value-for-money is found. Think about a computer, the ones on the lower price scale generally don’t last long, they are prone to virus’ and they struggle with even the simplest actions whilst the high-end computers are so advanced that a lot of their functions will be left unused.

Decorus comes with twenty years’ experience in developing property management software which has gone into creating this premium package that works for you.

Interested? Contact us for more details on our residential lettings software for Sage or call 0114 2307305 to arrange a demonstration of the software.

Decorus for Sage is a desktop-based package however it can be hosted in the cloud via a third party.
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