How much would you pay for the gift of time? Providing high-level service for those in supported accommodation can drain resources. Implementing software for housing associations can be highly rewarding on many levels.


What are Housing Associations?

Housing Associations are not-for-profit organisations who provide affordable homes for people in need. Their properties are generally labelled as ‘social housing’, some are registered charities. Their services and responsibilities vary but the end goal is the same.

As well as housing, these organisation tend to deliver projects and services that support their vulnerable residents who are often elderly, disabled or have mental health issues. To help them they offer skills workshops, childcare and build communities. It is essential that they use their time efficiently to do this effectively. Income generated from housing is reinvested back into the services that they deliver.


Who are their clients?

Traditionally, housing association residents were seen as those who were unemployed, disabled or elderly. As property prices have increased, home-ownership has become unaffordable for many, the role of the Housing Association has changed and they now cater for all.

Different Housing Associations specialise in different services. Some focus on housing those who are homeless and require temporary accommodation, often in B&B’s and hostels. Others offer schemes for those struggling to get on the housing market.  

Social housing is often seen as an alternative to council housing and the majority of residents have been referred to the Housing Association by the local authority.


What can software do for them?

Property management software has been developed to lighten the workload of its users. When information for everything, from properties and residents to financials and maintenance, is accessible in one system then not only is time saved but the organisation within a business is improved dramatically.  

Working in a service led sector, it is essential that, if time can be saved without cutting corners, more time can be spent away from desk. This allows more opportunities  with residents or training staff who work with vulnerable or disabled residents.

Decorus for Sage is unique on many levels and caters for a wide spectrum of sectors in property management. Its seamless integration with Sage 50 provides users with a high-powered accounting engine whilst the option to host the software locally or the cloud offers flexibility.

The automated processes and functions reduce the amount of data entry, saving time, money and resources. Our Housing Association users find this particularly useful as they are able to work on-site and improve the service they provide.

One of the major pains housing associations face is producing nightly invoices which can not only be time consuming but also complex. Our emergency housing module takes care of this as it generates invoices, with fees and charges automatically, ready to be sent to the council.

If you provide temporary accommodation and you are looking at ways to deliver more then book an online demonstration of our software for housing associations to see what impact it can have on you and your residents.
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