Social housing has been grabbing headlines since the recent budget as plans to cut housing benefits have caused panic for many who rely on it. This, along with landlords in the private sector increasing rent and a shortage of affordable properties available will push demand for social housing even further. It is essential that managing social housing is done with efficiency and that is made easier with the module included in our property management software solution.
Despite the economic recovery, austerity measures were still on the agenda for the first Conservative budget in almost 20 years and that hit those who needed help the hardest. A cap on housing benefits was enforced, lowering the allowed amount despite rent going the opposite way, due to another pledge in the budget.

Many landlords become multi-property owners as an investment, knowing that their pensions will struggle to cover the cost of living but they were given tax breaks on buy-to-let mortgages. Prior to the budget the Bank of England reported that the buy-to-let trend could cause problems for the economy. Osbourne didn’t want to risk that so he took that tax breaks away from the buy-to-let landlords, a strategy to slow the market down but it will be the tenants who suffer as it will be them who will be paying more rent.

Those who won’t be able to afford the increase in rent will be swiftly replaced as demand for properties exceeds availability. They will be turfed out and have to rely on social housing for shelter.

If you are already struggling to cope with the extensive amount of paperwork and administrative duties involved in managing social housing the additional module in Decorus for Sage comes with features to minimise paperwork and invoicing. Time saved here can be spent providing extra care for those in need.

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