Following the recent budget local councils have seen funding cuts as the government continue to play a cautious game as the economy continues to recover. Many of those who have suffered are the ones claiming benefits with housing allowances reduced. Whether council funded or owned by a housing association, Decorus can help manage social housing efficiently and raise more funds with service charge software UK.
To raise more income Tamworth Borough Council in the Midlands will start applying service charge to cover the costs of maintaining the communal areas in council owned blocks of flats and sheltered housing from April next year. At present, the council pay to look after cleaning, electricity and water through the Housing Revenue Account however, with less money available, residents who benefit from this will be required to pay an additional weekly fee, on top of their rent.

With housing benefit allowances shrinking it is important that residents in social housing pay the minimum required but enough so that it covers costs for the council. Using Decorus Service Charge software which integrates seamlessly with UK versions of Sage is the most economical and efficient way to manage budgets.

This feature is ideal for block management on any property type including residential, commercial or students lets it is also available for landlords and letting agents as an additional module, as is the social housing functions. The software uses its links to Sage to make manage finances easier, calculate budgets accurately and invoice in bulk, saving masses of time and your Sage data is updated automatically. The social housing module includes a solution for nightly invoicing, freeing time up to be spent with residents who require care.

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Social Housing Service Charge Software UK
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