Is your time being eaten away with phone calls, e-mails and letters?

Create more time and provide a better service by letting Decorus for Sage take control whilst you reap the rewards. Keeping communication with your clients strong is an essential role for property managers. It can be time-consuming and when you are juggling several plates it can be stressful.

For property managers, landlords and letting agents remaining close to the people paying your salary isn’t as easy as it sounds. If there was a solution which works as effectively as a member of staff but was far more cost-effective, would you be interested?

Technology advances at a rapid speed, sometimes it is novelty but that isn’t always the case. It can be incredibly helpful and many hours can be saved. Remember the television show Tomorrow’s World? They introduced gadgets that seemed light-years away, today we live in an era where technology surrounds us, and we use it at work, home, out and about, sometimes to pass time or to gain knowledge, to earn money or simply to make our life easier.

When you are in a business such as property management it can be easy to find an excuse not to change, there is always a list full of tasks to work through. Automation is grabbing headlines, Google’s ‘driverless car’ and Amazon’s plans to replace the postman with drones might sound more like PR stunts than something that might actually happen but did Tomorrow’s World ever predict that the humble telephone will not only go mobile but it will take photographs, hold more music than a HMV store and access the internet?

The robot who can do the house chores is still long off but computers have been reducing the to-do list in the workplace for a while now, they are becoming more and more helpful but the human element will always be required to some extent. Updating your clients regularly takes time but with a little help from automated functions it will be almost as hands-free as Google’s car and Amazon’s postman.

Ok, the software can’t exactly ring up your customers for a quick chat or write, print and post letters but it can prompt the user to do so. Template letters can be pre-written then mail merged to personalise them, a reminder can be set for letters to be sent or a phone call to be made, freeing up your brain to concentrate on other tasks as Decorus eliminates the need to remember to do these things.

E-mail is the most convenient way to communicate in 2015, the message can be as brief or in-depth as required, photographs or documents can be attached then sent and received on computers, smartphones or tablets. The best thing about this form of communication is that once templates and rules have been created it can be left to the software to keep your clients informed regularly, a personal touch but without the effort. Win-win.

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