Where does your main source of incorne come from? Tenants? Properties? Your service? Providing the best possible property management service now will help bring in money for the future.

Your properties are a long-term investment. By keeping on top of property maintenance you will ensure your tenants stay happy and that your properties remain lucrative.

The problem is, maintenance costs, in both time and money. The long-term results are worth it but it’s sometimes hard to see past that when you already have a hefty workload. Prioritising the happiness of your current tenants and future income over immediate costs and a busy schedule isn’t always easy.

You need to ask yourself; Are your properties maintained to a standard you’d expect as a tenant?

Spending your time on your current tenants, ahead of other money-making activities might be conflicting but the end results will make it much more worthwhile.

As a landlord, you are providing a service as well as a solution. It is important that you build a repour with your tenants, not only because they will remain your tenants longer, but they are more likely to report issues as they arise. It might seem like a nuisance when they report a leak, but you’ll appreciate them much more than if they didn’t and you ended up having a much bigger, and more costly issue to deal with.

Are you struggling to manage your workload?

It’s easy to ignore something when it isn’t directly affecting you, but that damaged boiler won’t fix itself and the repercussions will be much costlier. Working with a solution that reduces time spent on admin helps you focus on the main aspects of your business.

Decorus for Sage is not only the complete property management solution, it also offers automated work order functionalities to ensure that any maintenance query reported by a tenant is dealt with as promptly as possible, from booking contractors to completion.

For more information on the property management software built for you and your portfolio, please call us on 0114 2307305 or request a free online demonstration here.
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