Speed and transparency play a major role in business. Feel more secure with RMail linking to your PMS system.

  • Have you ever sent an important e-mail out but the receiver said that you never got it?
  • Have you ever sent a private and confidential e-mail which wasn’t as secure as you’d hope?

Sending e-mail is part of many businesses in 2016, you probably send and receive dozens each day but if you don’t know if they have received it, it isn’t very helpful, especially if there are legalities in there.


Welcome to RMail

RMail is a reliable, safe and secure system to handle your e-mails and it now works with Decorus for Sage.

Whether you are a landlord, letting agent or you manage properties you will connect with clients via e-mail, whether that is tenants, suppliers or contractors. These e-mails may include important, secure information which will often require confirmation of the time that it has been received, can you really trust the read receipts?


E-mails can get lost in the post too.

Decorus uses Outlook to send and receive e-mails which can include contracts, statements, invoices and reports. These often include sensitive information and they need to be tracked and the encrypted tools that RMaill is supplied with makes it as easy as sending any other e-mail.


Sign here please

Having confirmation that an e-mail has been received and opened is fine in some circumstances but if you have a document such as a contract to attach which needs signing too then RMail have a solution too.

Instead of hoping that the receiver has a printer and scanner so that they can sign the document by hand and e-mail back to you which can be time consuming. The electronic signature feature is easy to apply and easier for the signer who just needs to tick a box to confirm that they agree.


Send bigger parcels

With RMail you can attach larger files than you would be able to when using your usual e-mail provider.


RMail are trusted by over 25 million users throughout the world. For more information on RMail complete their contact form.


Book an online demonstration if you would like to see how Decorus, the only PMS to integrate with Sage can work for you.

Decorus is a high-powered property management solution with the tools to manage large and specific portfolios that can include residential and commercial lettings, block and estate management whilst the integration with Sage makes it easier and quicker to manage the financial aspects.
RMail for Decorus
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