Do you find it hard to fill your properties? Tenants expect a particular standard when looking for their next home. Minimise your admin duties with rental property management software and spend more time creating homes people want to live in.
Aside from the location and price there are certain requirements in the property that can sway an applicant into becoming a paying tenant. Get these right for your target tenants and your vacancy rate will drop dramatically.
  1. Essentials – Offering furnished and non-furnished properties suit different people and their intentions. Those looking for a short-term tenancy are likely to want a home that is ready to live in. Those staying for the long-term probably want to make it feel like theirs with their own furniture. Providing white goods (fridge, freezer, etc) can be deal-breakers as these can be costly and come in different shapes and sizes that won’t fit every kitchen.
  2. Flooring – Carpet? Wood floor? Laminate? As a landlord you want to offer something that is low cost, easy to clean, durable and won’t look dated but what do your tenants want? Laminate flooring might look brand new after a quick mop and remain in-tact for many years but it isn’t as comforting as a carpet. Nothing feels more homely than a carpet, unless it looks like it hasn’t been updated since the 80’s…
  3. Baths v Showers – When space is limited always kit your bathroom out with a shower. Showers are more convenient, cheaper to run and an overwhelming majority use a shower over a bath.
  4. Stairs – This isn’t going to be something you can change but it can be adapted for your target market. If you attract older tenants then planning certain rooms to be on the same level can be a winner whilst those with young children would require some safeguarding.
  5. Heating – This is a biggie. There is nothing worse than having a cold house in the winter. Electricity and gas bills are expensive, having central heating is the most cost-efficient way to heat a home, if you have double glazing too then that will help keep the home warm whilst keeping cost down.

Tenants don’t just look at budgeting for rent, they have to take in to consideration the cost for everything from bills to council tax, decorating and furnishing. The more you provide, to the taste of your target tenants could be the difference between having a property vacant or occupied.

Want to improve your properties but don’t have the time?Implement rental property management software to reduce needless paperwork and data entry and have more time to work on your portfolio. Complete our contact form to book an online or on-site presentation of our rental property management software, Decorus for Sage and find out how it can work for your business. 

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