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Sage 50 has changed! It has been a gradual movement but the UK’s leading accounting software for small businesses, Sage 50 is officially in the ‘cloud’, hence the ‘c’ in ‘Sage 50c’.

For decades Sage have been simplifying the financials, the software now caters for over 400,000 businesses in the UK alone. They have given users of their flagship accounting product their most advanced additions to date with the introduction of Sage 50c.  


The New Sage

Working in the cloud is beneficial on many levels from remote access via an internet connection to easily sharing data. Sage 50c not only delivers convenience, it also integrates with Microsoft Office 365 for the very first time. The partnership between two leading business solutions offers something unique with functions so businesses won’t need to look elsewhere.

Powered by Office 365, Sage 50c offers much more for the user including Microsoft’s invaluable products, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook as well as new additional features previously not included in Sage 50.

Sage x Office 365

As many businesses use Word for writing documents, Excel for logging financial information (Excel data is also easy to import into Sage) and Outlook as their e-mail client, which also syncs with Sage contacts. These additions make Sage 50c even more beneficial as they have one system to manage all vital business processers. Users can work more efficiently and make smarter decisions, based on real-time data even if they are away from the desk. 

Software is no longer bought on a disc and requires installation, with Sage 50c you buy online and easily download making the installation fuss free. Users can be up and running within minutes, without the need for expensive hardware or tech knowledge. Sage 50c is a product for everybody, you don’t need to have studied accountancy to use it and the flexibility allows it to work in a way suited for your preferences.

The new features don’t overshadow the core elements of Sage, it still remains a highly functioning accounts system and it has never been easier for businesses to share data with their accountant.


Introducing Decorus Online

Our powerful desktop based solution, Decous for Sage caters for a wide range of property managers from residential landlords and letting agents to student accommodation providers and estate managers. What sets Decorus apart from its competitors is its unique integration with Sage.

To complement Sage 50c we are launching Decorus Online, our web-based portal, powered by Decorus for Sage, bringing convenience and flexibility for users and helps communication with clients. With the ability to view Decorus for Sage data on any device, including mobile, you’ll always have access to your portfolio.

Act quickly! There’s a 50% discount on Sage 50c until 31st March. Visit their website for more information.

To celebrate the launch of Decorus Online we are offering a 3 month free trial. Call us on 0114 2307305 or visit to arrange an online demonstration of property management software that offers an unrivalled integration with Sage 50c.

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