Budgeting service charge correctly can be tricky business. There is a fine line which can lead to scaring customers away or finding yourself unable to complete your duties. The most important thing is to deliver what your leaseholders pay for and expect otherwise they might go elsewhere.

Luckily Decorus for Sage can help make this easier and avoid any issues arising.

1. Budget

As you enter an agreement with leaseholders, whether they are new customers or existing ones renewing their terms it is important that you have forecast potential spends as accurately as possible. Two reasons. You don’t want to over-charge and lose the contract but you don’t want to under-charge and find yourself unable to provide the service you promised.

Forecasting costs for a twelve month period isn’t easy and you can’t get away with a wild guess, using Decorus for Sage’s service charge feature (included with the block management edition, available as an add-on for landlords and letting agents) it is no longer the time-consuming, head ache inducing ordeal it once was as it does the hard work for you.

2. Suppliers

When your leaseholders request a work order it is important that you know who you sending out to complete the job. The supplier centre is the place to log the contact details of companies you have used in the past, who you trust and know will complete work to a high standard.

Create your budgets, assess quotes and monitor the work in progress to ensure that your leaseholders remain happy with the service they pay for.

3. Customer Service

Offering service charge isn’t just about maintaining properties, having a relationship with your clients is highly important too. This will help you gage how they feel about what you are delivering.

If you are finding yourself too busy to get to know your customers then once you have Decorus for Sage in place with its time-condensing features you can start building relations.


For more information on how Decorus for Sage, the only property management software with true 2-way integration to Sage can help you improve the way you manage your blocks please complete our contact form or call 0114 2307305.

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