Do you have a list of applicants waiting to be homed?

The news/politicians/campaigners tell us that this is the case anyway. Over the last couple of years it has become almost impossible to read a newspaper without at least one article referring to a ‘housing-crisis’ or ‘generation rent’.

There aren’t enough affordable properties to house the ever-increasing population in the UK. The recession hit the property market hard. Not only did property prices drop significantly, there was less cash available to fund new projects. For the past eighteen months the market has rapidly bounced back with prices peaking, far higher than inflation and wages.

New builds, only for the wealthy

Over the past five years with the Conservative and Lib Dem coalition government there has been the lowest number of affordable houses being built. There are plenty of properties appearing but these are luxurious properties with high price-tags, not for the ‘average’ buyer. Foreign investors are wanting to cash in on the new wealth in London, but they don’t represent the ‘average’ Londoner, leaving many unoccupied.

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the property market in the General Election but there always is, whether the winning party/parties actually do anything about it, only time will tell. After voting closes tonight and the results come in it is likely that uncertainty is inevitable with another mixed-party government fighting with one-another about their different beliefs.

Your role as a property manager is to fill your vacant properties as soon as possible.

When applicants contact you it is important to record their contact details and requirements in the applicant centre of Decorus to take full advantage of the property matching function in the software. This is here to help you.

Your landlords want their properties to have tenants in for the maximum amount of time to ensure that they are as economical as possible. With your list of potential tenants it has never been easier to fill your portfolio with the most suitable tenants. This saves you time in finding tenants, money for advertising and will boost income as rents will come in quicker.

The software will help you to keep the applicants on your list up to date via e-mail/SMS when a property suited to their requirements becomes available. Within a matter of hours of the property becoming available it can be filled again without having to advertise.

People are out there wanting a home, there is no excuse for vacant properties.

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