Working in the cloud with property management software

Are you using your time as efficiently as possible? Do you provide the service that best suits your clients? Property Management Software in the Cloud offers flexibility and freedom thanks to its 24/7 365 accessibility, but the benefits don’t end there…

Life before the Cloud

Do you remember the days before mobile phones? It may feel like a lifetime ago now, but in reality, it isn’t. Once our society adopts a technology we soon find it impossible to live without it.

The same goes for the ‘Cloud’.

What is the cloud?

In its simplest form, it’s a ‘space’ online that can store data which can be accessed remotely. A webpage is a basic version, an e-mail client such as Gmail is like a storage holder which can be accessed through any internet connected device.

Software in the cloud works in a similar basis. The ‘cloud’ holds your data which can be accessed remotely, 24/7 365.

How can cloud help you?

Time is precious, with cloud technology you can work with much more flexibility. The cloud brings teams together, improves productivity and results are easy to see. It also allows you to work more efficiently, accessing data whilst commuting, out of office, on-site or working from home.

And what about your clients?

Let’s face it, your opening times and your tenant’s availability conflict. Meeting face-to-face is almost impossible and to make things worse, we live on-demand. Customers want everything at their convenience, including your services.

With property management software in the cloud, not only do you have access to your data, our portal, MyOnline.Properties allows clients access to view relevant data on their terms too. This enables you to provide round the clock service and reduce the time spent talking with customers.

Win win.

Decorus in the cloud is the complete solution. Please get in touch to arrange a free online demonstration (link to your request a demo page)

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