According to a survey by the Residential Landlord Association (RLA) 65% of landlords will be increasing rents following the recent budget. Provide a service that values those increases with Decorus property management software for landlords.
When the Chancellor delivered a budget that put a limit on tax breaks for buy-to-let landlords the repercussions were always going to be felt by one group of people, the tenants. Being a landlord is a business, businesses rely on money coming in, if that money is being reduced in one way then it needs to come back in another.

The money for a landlord is generated by the rent from a tenant. Increasing rent is the only option but can you justify the costs? Do you provide a service that the tenants value for the amount they already pay? Do you have the time to give more? Yes, there is a housing shortage but it is right to take advantage of this situation?

The tax cuts won’t begin for almost two years and the impact won’t be felt immediately as they will be gradually enforced over a two-year period giving landlords four years to prepare.

It can be a time consuming job, our property management software for landlords can improve efficiency, reducing the amount of time needed completing administrative duties and data inputting which can instead be invested in giving your tenants value without having any extra work.

Contact us today to arrange a demonstration of Decorus property management software for landlords and see how you and your tenants can benefit before the need to increase rent kicks in. 
Property Management Software for Landlords
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