Last month Microsoft launched the long-awaited operating system, Windows 10. This new package comes with features that show what big intentions Microsoft have planned and our management property software is compatible with the new system.
This release has been welcomed with warmth as it replaces the much troubled Windows 8 which faced criticism from the very start. People don’t like change and the ones they made didn’t sit well with its users. What Windows have done to regain confidence is return to familiarity and instead of the logical step of following Windows 8 with 9 they choose to distance themselves from that release, skip a number and start from scratch. Many have hailed this release as Microsoft’s best yet, the company will be relieved as another wrong move could see them lose more customers to their major rival, Apple.

Windows 8 was a step too far for many, as they tried too hard to cater to mobile and tablet devices, forgetting about the importance of their core-audience, PC and laptop users. In just a few years mobile usage to access the internet has over-taken the laptop and Windows 10 integrates all their platforms (an X-Box version will be launched in November) giving users the option to choose what set-up they prefer. This includes the return of the Start Menu which has different layouts for different devices, this time it is customisable. 

The rethink on their approach with this solution caters not only all devices but cloud usage too which is becoming an integral part of computing in 2015.

Upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 to 10 is free. Complete the contact form for a presentation of our management property software.
Management Property Software for Windows 10
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