Whether you sell cars or cakes, you have a business to run. The same applies to property and specialised accounting software is highly beneficial. Many new businesses fail before having the time to establish themselves due to poor cash management, this can be avoided with a reliable system in place.

Managing cash flow doesn’t just help ensure the stability of a business but it also gives opportunities for the future too. Understanding the areas that are performing well and poorly help to make the right decisions.

What are the benefits of property accounting software?

  1. Easily monitor the financial performance of all areas in your portfolio
  2. Improve productivity when data entry is minimised
  3. Predict your future when budgeting using actual costs
  4. Reduce tenant arrears
  5. Access 365/24/7

Easily monitor the financial performance of all areas in your portfolio

In property management your business will have several areas where money comes in and out, it can get confusing and hard to track. When you are managing your portfolio with property accounting software you will have access to all areas of your business and their performance at a snapshot, with clarity, reducing the likelihood of miss-management or false hope.

Improve productivity when data entry is minimised

Data entry can be a real killer when it comes to productivity in the work place. Lets face it, it’s boring. You’ve got to enter your financial data in a solution that your accountant is familiar with so you might as well use a property management solution that has an accounting engine powered by the industry standard, Sage.

Predict your future when budgeting using actual costs

Experience is great but having actual data is even greater. If you use guesswork when creating future budgets and costing then you are risking the future of your business. With data available from previous expenses you will know how much money you will have for your future.

Reduce tenant arrears

Don’t be a victim of poor cash management when you can monitor your cash flow with real-time data, you will be able to find tenants in areas before it gets out of hand.

Access 365/24/7

Hosting software in the cloud brings convenience and flexibility to the services you provide. Living and working in an on-demand culture requires an on-demand service. Being in the office 9-5 is no longer feasible or suitable and cloud technology helps deal with this as users can log into their system 365/24/7 on any connected device.


If you are looking for property accounting software that ticks the boxes you need then call 0114 2307305 or complete our contact form to book an online demonstration of Decorus for Sage, the only property management software to integrate seamlessly with Sage 50c, the UK’s leading accounting solution. 

Decorus for Sage is desktop-based software which can be hosted on our cloud servers.
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