Like property management, the way we work is evolving too! Block management software comes in all shapes and sizes, developed to save time, money and resources.

What is the best solution to meet your requirements?

Property management is no longer the case of providing homes for people. It has become much more complicated with additional services being provided. Generally, block management is a bespoke service, built around the clients needs and that can depend on various options. It’s not as simple as providing one service for residential portfolios and another for commercial properties, and that is before even taking into account mixed portfolios.

Residential Block Management

Generally, but not always the case, residential block managers are brought in by the owner of the block (freeholder/landlord) to maintain the communal areas on behalf of the residents (leaseholders/tenants).

This mostly includes minimising wear and tear as the building ages, emergency maintenance (anything from broken lifts to weather damage), gardening, insurance, administrative work, contracts, the list can go on…

To cover these costs the residents pay a service charge, split equally amongst each, usually divided by size of their living area and amenities (e.g. should a ground floor flat resident pay towards lift maintenance? Would a 4th floor resident cover the cost of flooding on the ground floor?).

With so many variables it can be challenging and exhausting to please all parties. The service charge (and the sinking fund, for any emergencies that crop up) should be non-for-profit, any money left over once the agreed period is over should be rolled over or returned to the resident.

Each year the budget should be calculated, forecasting expenses for the agreed period. Obviously it is impossible to predict what could happen over the coming twelve months, especially with the unpredictable weather that can damage blocks, causing unexpected maintenance fees and an increase in insurance premiums.

Trying to do all of this, whilst providing a high-standard service can only be done with a solution that minimises the administrative workload involved with automated functions.

Decorus for Sage is block management software with a difference. Suitable for residential, commercial & mixed portfolios, the solution is adaptable for the users requirements. With an accounting engine powered by Sage and automated functions that ensure everything from maintenance work to invoicing is done with minimal effort.

Why waste time stressing over creating service charge budgets that your residents will be happy with? You can do this without cutting yourself short easily with Decorus. There’s no guesswork with Decorus, it provides users with actual figures, based on what has been spent during the period. Having this data easily available allows you to concentrate on delivering the service that your clients expect.

It doesn’t stop there. Once you have created your budget you then need to divide the costs up equally and again, Decorus does this for you! The software allows you to create an unlimited amount of schedules, split across your residents in the way you want to.

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