Accurately budget for and manage your work orders with property management software for Sage.

To succeed when managing blocks it is important that calculating service charge budgets is accurate and work orders are completed with efficiency, to a standard expected by the leaseholders, unfortunately it isn’t that easy.

The skyline in every city in the UK has changed dramatically over the past decade as homes have been built upwards to feed the demand for an increasing population on an island which isn’t getting any bigger.

Managing blocks of flats are unlike any other property type as it isn’t as simple as each property is the sole responsibility for the resident. Within each block you will find communal areas which need maintaining, charging for this fairly can be a minefield, this doesn’t just mean looking after the external areas of a building which can affect everybody. Should residents on the ground floor have to pay for the lift to be fixed if they never use it?

This is why block management is playing such an important role in the industry but it requires diplomacy, efficiency and trust. If you can deliver on those three aspects then your clients will be happy to continue using your services, if not then they will look elsewhere.


Managing blocks is tricky as you have to provide a service that has to please potentially hundreds of clients who all have different priorities. Where some tenants will take full advantage of the garden and insist on it being well kept whilst others believe that their service charge budget should be used for the upkeep of hall ways, stairs, etc…

You will need to take all of these aspects into consideration when planning your pitch to win new business. Decorus integrates with Sage which helps to forecast service charge budgets. Known as the sinking fund this is the amount that the leaseholders are required to pay, usually over a twelve month period to cover the cost of maintenance work. It is important to do this as accurately as possible, aim too high and potential clients might run scared but too low and you might find yourself out-of-pocket before the year is out.

The sinking fund shouldn’t be profitable. Any money left over should be returned to the leaseholders or rolled over for the next period.


Doing property management and maintenance correctly requires efficiency which can be achieved with Decorus for Sage. The databases and integration with Sage bring structure and organisation to any team looking to deliver better results.

Take full advantage of the functions included in the software and you will never have been so organised. Contact details and important documents can be logged in the block database and work orders can be closely monitored. Sage makes creating budgets easier, provides profit and loss reports instantly whilst invoices can be generated in bulk and financial data is automatically updated saving time which can be reinvested in giving greater service.


If you have delivered on your budget fairly and efficiently then your clients will have gained trust in you and they will have no need to look elsewhere.

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Maintain your blocks with property management software for Sage
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