Do you struggle with time management? Does that have implications on you and your business?
Be Efficient

If you manage properties, whether as a landlord, agent or within a group you are probably pushed for time. It can be scarce. Using it efficiently is key to running any business, if you can master that then you are on to a winner. Property management software, such as Decorus has been developed for that very reason, its features are there to minimise those work-intensive, often repetitive and boring tasks such as data entry, stimulating productivity as-well-as freeing up your time which can be spent better elsewhere.

Time Is Money

It is great having all this extra time on your hands when Decorus streamlines your workload but it is ultimately a waste if it isn’t used efficiently. The phrase ‘time is money’ might be  an over-used cliché but it couldn’t be more true for property management when there is never enough time in the day to complete your to-do list, simple mistakes and mix-ups with your diary could prove costly.

Organise, Organise, Organise

There is a handy feature in Decorus which will ensure you and your business remain on course to deliver what you promise and that is the office diary. This isn’t just the place to scribble in dentist appointments and birthdays, it does so much more.

This diary is configurable around the user, giving individualism to its set-up and the outcomes. It is accessible throughout the business which should bring organisation and structure, not just for you but your team too. No longer will you find yourself being double booked for meetings or suddenly find that you are due at the other side of town in five minutes.

Viewable by the day, week, month, a specific date range or narrowed down to specific categories (events/jobs/viewings etc.) making it quick and easy to find out what you and your colleagues have planned. This can be then printed or exported for further clarification.

The Clincher

The diary links with the rest of Decorus, combining accounts, contacts and addresses it also syncs with your MS Outlook e-mail account too. Create reoccurring events such as regular meetings, monitor work orders and set alerts for inspections and deadlines effortlessly.

You will have never been so organised, or had so much time on your hands!

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Benefit with Decorus for Sage
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