Monitor your financials efficiently with property mgmt software which integrates seamlessly with Sage.
Property Mgmt Software

Decorus for Sage is the ideal solution for landlords, letting agents and block management looking to improve the way they work thanks to the advanced and sophisticated features, developed specifically for the job role.

Enhance your Accountancy Package to Manage your Portfolio Economically

There are many similar packages out there, even more so with advancements in cloud technology but Decorus offers something that no other premium solution does, it integrates seamlessly with Sage, the UK’s number one accountancy package.


·         Save on accountancy fees as their workload will be minimised. Over 90% of accountants recognise the Sage format

·         Instantly generate profit and loss reports against each property to see which are profitable and which aren’t

·         Win more clients and plan for the future with in-depth analysis on your portfolio

·         Forecast potential income

·         Save time by creating invoices in bulk (a nightly invoicing add-on is also available)

·         Provide accurate service charge budgets

·         Avoid damaging productivity by reducing double entry of financials

·         Minimise confusion by monitoring client and office accounts in one solution

Sage have been developing accountancy software for businesses since 1981. The north-east based brand have grown a lot over the years as they have become the third largest business of their kind globally as they have continued to evolve with technology.

Sage Instant Account Plus is the ideal solution for new or small businesses looking for a basic accountancy package but to take full advantage of the advanced features in Decorus Sage 50 is the more suitable system.

Want to enhance your accountancy software? Complete our contact form for more information on how our property mgmt software can help improve the financial management of your portfolio. 
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