Do you find it tough to manage the accounts for all of your clients whilst trying to monitor your own?

Want an easier way to analyse financials and work more economically without having to put extra effort in?

As a letting agent you have two client types that you are required to provide for, the landlords and their tenants. To do this it is important to use time productively and handle money in the most efficient manner.

Decorus for Sage includes an endless list of features to reduce time-consuming tasks, it also comes with a solution to simplify client accounting.

It can be a challenge for agents with an extensive portfolio, managing properties brings one set of responsibilities and dealing with the financial aspects can in itself be a confusing ordeal.

When rents come in each month it is vital that your landlords are given the correct amount of money. By using the in-built client accounting system the sums are done for you! Let it calculate your fees and transfer money to each account automatically. This feature allows agents to choose whether or not to include VAT or add extra costings for work orders and other expenses.

Using Sage for your financials will enable accounts to be monitored and compared against one-another, instantly generate reports to highlight profit and loss, create statements for landlords and tenants effortlessly, keep funds available for work orders (calculate service charge budgets economically, if required) and, for those offering guaranteed income to their landlords, that too can be simplified.

Understanding your financial situation is vital for any business. To have both office accounts and client accounts on one system makes easy work of an ordinarily complex procedure.

To book an online demonstration of Decorus for Sage and see how it will benefit you and your portfolio please complete our contact form or call 0114 2307305.

Monitor Client and Office Accounting
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