Property managers have a long list of duties and services that they offer and provide, not all of these are related to property or tenants. In the UK, land is as important as the buildings that stand on it and somebody owns that land, whether that is the council or an individual. Leaseholders are required to pay a small fee to the landowner for the privilege, this could be charged monthly, quarterly or annually. Every business works in their own way.

The fee tends to have been agreed for a set amount of time but invoicing it can be a long procedure. For the leaseholders, the fee might seem insignificant but if the owner has a lot of land then it can add up and the task of invoicing can be worthwhile.

Decorus for Sage comes with a feature dedicated to Ground Rent management and invoicing.

Generate Multiple Invoices with Ease

Invoicing can be time-consuming, especially in large amounts, to different leaseholders for different fees relating to different plots. The flexibility of Decorus not only simplify the process but boost efficiency too as time is saved.

Instantly View Reports

It can be frustrating when your figures just don’t match up. Thanks to the software’s in-depth financials and links with Sage it is possible to monitor multiples of accounts on one screen with ease, allowing comparisons and the ability to grow your business.


Decorus for Sage works around each businesses. Take advantage of its automated features, sit back and let it do the hard work for you!

Whether you offer Ground Rent collection fees or provide block management services, complete our online contact form or speak to one of our team members on 0114 2307305 to arrange an online demonstration on the only property management software with a true 2-way integration to Sage.

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