How can Property Management Software for Sage 50 help you find the ideal tenants.

There might be no such thing as the ‘perfect’ tenant but landlords come across ones they wished hadn’t lived in their properties on a regular basis. If this scenario sounds familiar then it probably wasn’t just you that felt the pain, your property, bank balance and future earnings took a hit too. Nevermind the number of grey hairs on your head dramatically increased.

It is almost impossible to know how a tenancy will evolve, they might be nice as pie when you first meet, even six months, a year down the line but then something changes and you find that they owe you rent, they haven’t paid their bills and the property has been damaged, costing you to fix. That is (mostly) a worst case scenario however there are ways to minimise the likelihood of picking a high-risk tenant. It might take a little extra time but it will be worth it and it all starts on the first point of contact.

The applicant centre in Decorus is not only a great way to log records when enquiries are made so that property matching can be easily done when vacancies arise but it is also useful to ensure that you have all of the details easily available to check up on too. Along with their name and contact information, for security reasons having details such as current and previous places they live and work, their National Insurance number and copies of ID give reassurance. This information should be collected for ALL tenants, if one fails to give this information, concern should be raised.

These days it can be quite easy to run checks on people using various websites from criminal records on the Government to credit and personal checks on sites such as Experian but most importantly, for you anyway, references from previous landlords, Tenant Referencing is a good source for this. Just because somebody has a clean criminal record and a healthy cash flow it doesn’t make them a great tenant.

Having all of these details might sound great on paper, they might come across like that ‘perfect’ tenant but nobody can predict how things can turn out in the future. When meeting the tenant face-to-face if something doesn’t feel right you don’t need to let them live in your property. There will always be somebody else out there who does want to be a good tenant, looking for a home.

Your properties are your income. You need to keep them maintained. 

If you feel like this sounds like a lot of work which you don’t have time for then you might need to prioritise your time as this can save a lot of money and stress further down the line. Streamline your workload with Decorus for Sage and let the property management software take care of your administrative tasks and reduce the amount of data entry required, freeing up time to give you the best possible chance of finding the right tenants.

Decorus in the only property management software for Sage 50 and it is compatible with the latest edition which includes a new and improved user-experience, an easy way to rectify mistakes, reduce tenant arrears and maintain a good cash flow.

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Decorus is a desktop-based solution however it can be hosted in the cloud for convenience.

Property Management Software for Sage 50
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