As a child, did you ever try to ride a bike hands free? It probably ended in disaster. Somethings can be left on their own, but you need to have some sort of control in the first place for a happy ending.

Allowing ‘something’ else to take care of what you do is unnatural. We like to be in control of what we do but that can take up precious time and effort. Amazon claim they’ll be using to drones to deliver their products instead of the humble postman whilst Google grabbed headlines last year with the driverless car but do you trust technology enough for it to drive past you on the M1?

Automation is everywhere these days, who needs to pay wages when a system can be created to do the job just as well, or that is the idea anyway. We’ve all stood frustrated by the self-service checkouts in supermarkets whilst waiting for assistance. This saves the supermarkets money in wages and allows staff to work more efficiently, which in-turn should give the customer a better in-store experience, however that isn’t always the case...

This business model can be used across a lot of industries and property management software doesn’t only minimise the amount of manual work involved when it comes to data entry, the automated features in Decorus for Sage allow a risk-free hands off approach.

It’s effortless, time saving and reliable. Give the software a voice when it comes to generic communications, freeing more time to be spent giving a more personalised service when needed. Once specific rules are defined, relatable to certain actions there will no longer need to worry about the need to remember rituals such as sending invoices or follow up calls.

The software is capable of sending individual or bulk e-mails and SMS text messages as well as alert users when letters need to be posted or phone calls made, allowing users time to be spent more productively.

The best thing about the automated functions in Decorus is that although the responsibilities are passed over to the software, it is the user who remains in control. You determine the messages that go out, who they go to and when.

These features are useful in particular areas of the software including the additional Credit Control module. No need to worry about chasing late payers with this procedure in place. The system allows tenants to be grouped together, for example, one set could include the tenants who always pay their rent on time and another is those serial late payers. Templates are easily created, specifically for each action and each group, the first set might require a quick message as soon as the due date has passed as the behaviour seems unusual. The second set might require a more persistent approach with reminders prior to the deadline, should that date pass then more demanding messages can be triggered. This should help reduce late payments but also save the time that it would take to keep chasing up.

Automated rules can be implemented across the software from creating, inviting and sending reminders for meetings to communicating with any clients whether that is renewing legal requirements or arranging for a supplier to complete a job. Ticking a few boxes within the system will save a lot of time than individually calling or messaging your clients and that time can be put to a lot better use.

To find out more about how automation can benefit your property management duties as well as the many more features that Decorus for Sage brings please complete our contact form or call 0114 2307305 to arrange an online demonstration. 
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