Whether you are a landlord, letting or property manager it is highly likely that your to-do list is extensive.

If you find even just thinking about what you have to do brings on a headache, having a break might seem unrealistic. Streamline your workload with property management software for Sage and you will be able to take time out on the long weekend.


British Summer Time-Saving.

It’s that time of the year where Bank Holiday weekends seem to be constant.  Have you had the chance to enjoy them fully?

As Spring Bank approaches, one final three day weekend until August to recharge your batteries.

Did you spend Easter weekend on your accounts and May Day completing paperwork wishing you were in the pub with your friends or at the beach with family?


More than just time management.

Time is precious and it is important that you take advantage of opportunities away from work. That’s easy for those who can clock off at 5pm Friday and don’t need to worry about work until Tuesday. Managing properties can be a 24/7 job when providing maintenance services but even if you have an agent working on that your desk is probably still covered in paperwork, labelled ‘urgent’.

To combat this and be able to get a break it is essential that you use your time wisely, this can be achieved when a system is in place. When you are able to work more efficiently you will be able to get more done and improve revenue, reducing stress.


There’s no ‘I’ in team but there is in time.

Working in a team might sound ideal but without clear communication and consistency it can damage productivity and increase the amount of work you need to complete. By having a system in place which links your team together your workload will be consolidated. It won’t be long before that to-do list you once feared disappears or at least looks more manageable.

If you want a cost-effective solution to streamline your  tasks, improve productivity and increase revenue, allowing you to take time out and not have to worry about your portfolio and the boxes you are yet to tick then a property management system could be the answer.


A solution for you.

Decorus for Sage offers more than just a tool to look after your properties and their residents. The desktop solution which can be hosted in the cloud is suitable for landlords, letting agents and block managers for both residential and commercial properties. The CRM within the software includes databases to log information relating to the properties and the occupiers whilst the office diary will improve time keeping.

For any business it is essential that cash flow is managed carefully. The unique integration with Sage sees data entered into Decorus feed directly into a format familiar with over 90% of accountants.

Book an online demonstration of Decorus property management software to see how much time you can save so that you can enjoy more time away from your desk. Everybody needs a break.


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