Whether you’re struggling to fill vacancies, maintain your properties or communicate with tenants effectivaely, your available time and resources can be the difference between success and failure. Property management software provides a cost-effective solution for your troubles.

The issue with being a landlord is the number of roles you have to play. Juggling so many hats can leave you feeling exhausted, leading to disorganisation and failing to deliver what you promised. Paperwork can be easily lost, appointments missed as well as the opportunities for earning additional money.

Investing in property management software isn’t just like having an additional member of staff, it will benefit all areas of the business at a fraction of the cost. From reducing workload to providing an organised platform allowing landlords to focus on what matters most.

Property management software is extremely flexible. Suitable for residential, commercial and mixed-use properties, Decorus for Sage will quickly prove its worth. The toolkit found within the software covers every pain a landlord experiences on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

With your properties being the most important aspect of your business it’s essential that you can manage them with ease. You will have all the tools at the click of a finger when using Decorus, ranging from reducing vacancy rates to maintaining them cost-effectively.

Running a successful business requires stealth financial management and here’s where Decorus can proudly stand up against other software on the market. The software integrates seamlessly with Sage 50c, the UK’s leading accounts package. This integration gives you the best of both worlds, a comprehensive solution to managing all portfolio sizes and a financial package that you can trust. Together they save on data entry and accountancy fees, as financial information feeds between the two in real-time making budgeting easy and accurate. Invoicing can be done in bulk whilst Direct Debits can be set-up and collected with ease. The credit control module chases debtors for your, minimising bad debt and improving cash flow.

Once you have your accounts in order you will want to ensure that your properties remain a valuable asset for years to come. Decorus uses Sage to generate accurate maintenance budgets so that you can plan ahead whilst invoices can be paid and collected. Having strong relationships with tenants helps to ensure they will look after your property, and with Decorus communicating with them has never been so simple. E-mails and texts can be sent in-bulk whilst mail merge functions make it so easy to send letters. It doesn’t stop there though, MyOnline.Properties gives a round the clock service for users, landlords, tenants and contracts. The portal offers a place to host important documents and the ability to log work orders.

With the ability to work more efficiently in a system that has been developed property management businesses, the benefits are not only extensive, but they are continuous.

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