Do you find invoicing a pain? Why does it have to take so long? We have a solution likely to boost productivity within your team!
Whether you are a landlord with a large portfolio housing many tenants, a letting agent looking after a vast amount of properties on behalf of landlords or a property management group dealing with leaseholders it is likely that you spend a LOT of time invoicing.

If you don’t invoice you won’t get paid for the services you provide... It can be a time-consuming process but it has to be done. Every industry has its pros and cons and unfortunately for those in property this can be a real chore when compared to say, a supermarket. Their customers do the work for them, they pick their purchases in-store then pay at a check out with cash or cards. That money goes straight into the companies account. It is easy for both the business and the customer but they are dealing with relatively low cost goods.

You can’t really compare a weekly grocery shop with rent but the principles still apply, businesses want to be paid. How do you go about this without spending unnecessary time creating, processing and generating invoices? Your diary is already busy enough!

Decorus for Sage was developed to reduce the workload when it comes to property management and invoicing is one of the main time-consuming, but essential duties required. Thanks to the unique integration to Sage, the number one accountancy software package in the UK this is made a whole lot easier.

The link between Decorus and Sage is seamless. This brings many benefits with it from instant profit and loss reports to the reduction of accountancy fees (over 90% of accountants are familiar with the Sage format). It also allows invoices to be generated effortlessly, without the need of a calculator or spreadsheet then they can be sent in bulk, via e-mail or printed off to be posted. All created around your requirements.

What was once something you dreaded can now be completed without having to think. It is those long drawn-out tasks which can harm productivity in business. Nobody enjoys having to spend hours tediously entering and calculating figures, it isn’t an efficient way to work.

Just another reason to choose Decorus for Sage!

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Process Invoices easily with Decorus for Sage
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