For a business to be sustainable cash flow needs to be strong. Property management software driven by Sage is the ideal solution.

Managing properties is no different to any other business and the credit control module in Decorus, the only premium property management software package to integrate seamlessly with Sage will minimise debtor days without any additional time or effort required.

The majority of businesses who fall into bankruptcy do so due to cash flow issues. This tends to be out of their own hands. For a landlord, letting agent or block management group money comes in from clients (tenants, leaseholders, landlords) which has to cover overheads (this can range from rent and bills for your branch, wages, marketing, etc). If the margins are small then keeping on top of your payees is vital, one late payment from a client could leave you unable to pay your own rent which could escalate with fees and interest, before you know it you are one of many to fall victim to bankruptcy by the fault of somebody else.

The additional credit control module is the perfect antidote to stop this from happening. No longer will you find yourself wasting needless time chasing unpaid invoicing, having those awkward conversions where you find yourself feeling guilty about something that should be yours or giving yourself headaches with worry about the financial situation you find yourself in.

It really couldn’t be easier with this module which takes care of sending reminders prior to payment dates, then if the deadline has passed and it becomes outstanding more communication can be made automatically by e-mail or SMS whilst alerts can be set for letters to be sent or phone calls made. The best thing about this is how easy it can be, the software gets on with the job without you having to think about it once the initial set-up has been created. It won’t be long until the number of debtor days are reduced and your cash flow is stronger than ever, minimising the worry of bankruptcy whilst increasing the opportunities to grow your portfolio.

Looking for a property management solution to improve productivity when it comes to managing your portfolio? Request a presentation of the software and we can either come to you or show you online how Decorus for Sage can benefit your property management business. 

Monitor financials with Decorus for Sage
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