Whatever area of property management you work in, whether as a landlord, letting agent or block manager, ensuring that the properties in your portfolio are in full working order is crucial for keeping vacancies to a minimum.
This can range from damage on the building such as broken windows to faulty boilers or electrics. Finding reliable, trust-worthy tradesmen to fix these issues to a high-standard on your budget and in an allotted time is almost impossible so when you do come across them it is important that they are the first port of call when a work order is issued by a tenant.

The Supplier Centre

Google might have replaced the Yellow Pages when it comes to search but there is no need to waste time trawling through pages to find the phone number of a registered British Gas engineer with a good reputation when you have previously used one.

These hard-to-find gems are worth holding on to. Building a rapport with them comes with time and continuous business. Having the contact details, their line of work, and rates stored in the supplier centre of Decorus doesn’t only save time when it comes to getting the job done but it also allows users to be assured that the work is in safe hands.

Monitoring Work Orders

The relationship between you and your tenants is largely based on their living conditions. They won’t be thrilled about paying rent if they have to go through winter without heating or they have a front door that won’t lock. Rectifying these issues swiftly will see them appreciate you for the services you provide.

The job centre in Decorus is the place to monitor work orders from the moment it has been requested to completion. Print/e-mail invoices to suppliers, manage quotes, budgets and costings with Sage and gain feedback from the tenants here. This will help judge whether to use the same suppliers again.

Keep Tenants Happy Without Breaking the Budget

Decorus for Sage is all about reducing the workload for property managers. Having less work on your plate to juggle enables you to offer a better service and this includes providing better living conditions for tenants. Using the job and supplier centres built into the software brings ease to the whole process when maintenance is required, whether it’s a quick and easy job or a large project. This will improve efficiency to your work and see relations between you and your tenants as well as you and your suppliers strengthen as loyalty is highly regarded for any business.

For more information on how Decorus for Sage can boost productivity for your property management team please compete our contact form or call 0114 2307305 to speak with our team. 
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